Translation grants 2017

The results of the first round of applications for translation grants are now being sent out to the applicants.

This first round we got 141 applications for translations, and out of these 89 applications were approved and 6 applications were postponed to the next round.

The rest were declined. The total applied sum was 5,0 Million SEK and we could approve 1,7 Million SEK this time. 

The next application deadline is May 4th.

One interesting note is that the number of applications for literary nonfiction seems to be increasing- this time we could approve 19 applications in this genre. Two books had three applications each: Karin Bojs’ book Min Europeiska Familj. De senaste 54 000 åren, that was awarded with the August Prize for best nonfiction title 2015, and Elisabeth Åsbrink’s book 1947, that was nominated in 2015 for the same award. Bea Uusma’s book Expeditionen. En kärlekshistoria got two applications this time. 

To see which applications were approved this time, please see the enclosed list. You can sort the list after Author, Title, Target group, Genre, Target language and so on.

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