The cream of this season’s crop of novels and poetry, brilliant children’s books, exciting young adult books and innovative comics, and an in-depth article about Swedish literature prizes can all be found in the spring edition of New Swedish Books, which captures the most interesting tendencies and expressions in the Swedish literature of spring 2017.

Every spring and autumn, the Swedish Arts Council produces the publication New Swedish Books, an English-language presentation of a selection of recently published prose, poetry, children’s and young adult and comic titles. The spring issue is available now; download your copy here or order it from the Swedish Arts Council.  It will also be available at the London Book Fair and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. The selection and presentation is done by freelance writers. This issue’s selection was made by Lisa Bjärbo, Arne Johnsson and Anders Lundgren. New Swedish Books has an international profile but is aimed at anyone interested in contemporary Swedish literature, including publishers, agents and translators.

You can order the publication or download it in pdf-form here.

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