About the projects

These are the 24 creative places-projects around the world. The projects are run by a mixture of organisations in different partnership configurations, in a blend of voluntary organisations, cultural institutions, municipal operations, social movements and networks. Every project represents a unique idea based on the prevailing conditions, needs and commitment of the residential area.

Bollnäs brinner [Bollnäs on fire]
Where: Gärdet, Bollnäs
With: Bollnäs riksteaterförening, Bollnäs teaterverkstad, Dansoteket, Gumpels förening
In Bollnäs, conversations, meetings and ideas between residents at Gärdet will lead to the production of "pervasive games", in which seven different processes are eventually woven together in an artistic reality game.

East Side Stories
Where: Drottninghög, Dalhem and Fredriksdal, Helsingborg
With: Inva-sam, Helsingborgs stadsteater, Tillsammans Helsingborg
East Side Stories is a project based on cultural democracy, involving the Eastern suburbs of Helsingborg. The musical theatre performance is based on the stories of the residents’ own lives. By involving the local community in all the phases of the project, the aim is to initiate different creative processes where a belief in the creative abilities of each individual becomes a driving force for the future.

En oförglömlig historia – Trajosko drom romano [An unforgettable story – Trajosko drom romano]
Where: Bergsjön, Göteborg
With: Trajosko drom, Göteborgs stadsteater, Fryshuset, Göteborgs konserthus
The purpose of Trajosko Drom is to teach people about their own past through stories told by older people and allowing people to develop their own creative abilities. The project aims to mobilise positive forces and develop existing meeting spaces in Bergsjön. The project is also aimed at building bridges between the Romany community and cultural institutions.

Forza Nacksta 2.0
Where: Nacksta, Sundsvall
With: Scen Sundsvall, Forza Nacksta, Teater Västernorrland, Mitthem AB
The aim is to get more people in Nacksta to choose culture as a way of expressing themselves and as an audience. This will be achieved by investigating and utilising meeting spaces in the area, which may involve using informal sports fields for exhibitions, ICA and COOP supermarkets as pop-up art galleries, libraries and leisure centres for music and stage art, and the dining rooms of kindergartens and nursing homes for handicrafts.

Hiphopteaterkollektivet [Hiphop theatre collective]
Where: Hässelby och Vällingby, Stockholm
With: Community bridge, Papilion, Grammofonen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby
The project will build on the area’s hiphop heritage, with artists such as Ken Ring, Blues and Linda Pira. They will establish a platform where professional cultural players, local talent and residents from different generations and cultural backgrounds can meet. Together, they will explore the personal and shared history, where the philosophy of hiphop, with its focus on peace, love, commune and having fun, provides a central theme.

Kakofoni – i konstens alla trådar [Cacophony – in all aspects of the arts]
Where: Fisksätra, Stockholm
With: Fisksätra museum, Darra musik & dans & kulturförening, Nätverket för Fisksätras framtid, Per Hellgren, Martina Jordan
Fisksätra, their feeling of power and powerlessness. Professionals and amateurs will work together to stage artistic, social and democratically meaningful meetings. Over the year, the project will explore how they can cooperate with the Med början i Fisksätra Project. [See below]

Kreativa platser Gamlegården Kristianstad [Creative spaces at Gamlegården Kristianstad]
Where: Gamlegården, Kristianstad
With: Ibn Rushd Studieförbund Södra, Kristianstad kommun, AB Kristianstadsbyggen, Skånes horn av Afrika-förening
To use culture as a driving force and engine for democratic and creative meeting places. Through easy access to culture and by making the most of the resources available in the area, more of the people of Gamlegården will become involved in cultural activities.

Kulturhuset Trean [The Trean Arts Centre]
Where: Busline 3, Malmö
With: Rörelsen Gatans röst och ansikte, Tangofolk Malmö, ABF Malmö
The Kulturhuset Trean arts centre intends to mobilise and bring together the active forces of the area and make culture available to more people. To this end, it will offer mentorships and guidance by professional cultural players who will challenge young people to express themselves in writing, in speech, through music and movement.

Where: Skärholmen, Stockholm
With: Folk, Stadsbiblioteket i Skärholmen, Skärholmens stadsdelsförvaltning, Folkets hus och Parker, nätverket Kultur i centrum
KULTUR I CENTRUM wants to create a platform to strengthen the local network of cultural players who live and work in the area. This will happen through networking and public events organised by a local programme group. The members of the programme group are replaced on a rolling basis, to ensure that power and funds are distributed in a democratic manner.

Kultur på lika villkor [Culture on equal terms]
Where: Kronoparken, Karlstad
With: Folkbildarna i Värmland, Riksteatern Värmland, Carlstad United
The project is aimed at promoting and boosting the identity and feeling of belonging in Kronoparken, by encouraging the creation, collation, artistic preparation and visualisation of stories. A partnership of professional cultural players and the cultural, sports and arts organisations in the area will provide an outlet for the creativity of residents and a chance to carry out cultural activities.

Kulturtåget [The culture train]
Where: Tjärna ängar, Borlänge
With: Kulturhuset Västra Borlänge, Tjärnkraft, Borlänge Multikulturella Förening
The project aims to strengthen and elevate the existing cultural trends in the area. The project will begin with creative workshops, where the residents design and consume culture based on their own experiences and stories. The activities will result in a cultural train and an exhibition that displays and spreads the area's multifaceted cultural engagement.

Where: Malmen, Stenstaliden och Marieberg, Kristinehamn
With: Kvinnor tillsammans, Kristinehamns konstmuseum, Egill Saebjörnsson, NBV Värmland
KÄRAHÄR is a social art and culture project, run by a partnership of non-profit organisations, artists and residents. Based on their own experiences, professions and cultural backgrounds, the participants will form a movement along with poets, artists and artisans.

Livet bitch! [Life, bitch!]
Where: Hovsjö, Ronna och Fornhöjden, Södertälje
With: Livet bitch! kulturförening, Mezzopotelge kulturförening, Grafikens hus, Södertälje kommun
Through Livet bitch!, young girls will claim more space in cultural life and in the public arena by creating a platform and a ”bitch council” to encourage young girls to take cultural initiatives. Cross-generation meetings and new cultural expressions are created in partnership with the Mezzopotelge orchestra.

Lyssna på oss [Listen to us]
Where: Jörn, Skellefteå
With: Skellefteåbygdens berättarförening, Jörns samhällsservice, Krenova, the Municipality of Skellefteå
In the Lyssna på oss project, professional and voluntary cultural players will work together to create an arts centre in Jörn, building on the story-telling traditions of the local people. Creative workshops will be used to explore and develop artistic expressions which, eventually, will result in the Ursinning Festival.

Med början i Fisksätra [Starting at Fisksätra]
Where: Fisksätra, Stockholm
With: Fisksätra Folkets hus, Fisksätra Skriver Poesi, Futebol da Forca, Lokal och global utvecklingsgrupp
The project mobilises voluntary, artistic and creative players to create a stronger community and build bridges between people. The aim is to unite and unify Fisksätra and turn it into a creative space for local cultural players and cultural experiences. During the year, the project will explore how the players can work in partnership with the Kakofoni Project – in all aspects of the arts. [See above]

Många vägar hem [Many roads leading home]
Where: Tensta, Stockholm
With: Tensta konsthall, Kvinnocenter i Tensta/Hjulsta, Tensta bibliotek, The Silent University språkcafé
The project creates an artistic programme about migration where the experiences of the residents and all the methods and approaches of the arts form a focal point for exchanges and learning. Using exhibitions, films, courses and workshops, the aim is to create a dynamics which links local experience with broader art projects about migration and colonial history.

NoBo kulturförmedling
Where: Fittja, Stockholm
With: Mångkulturellt centrum, Luger, En annan sida av Sverige, Redline Recordings
NoBo kulturförmedling intends to create a permanent arts agency and festival organisation, based on the premise that everyone should experience the freedom of determining their own future. Through links, mentorships and coaching, the skills and cultural capital of the residents will be gathered together and their ideas realised.

Ortens verklighet [Real life at the Place]
Where: Norsborg, Stockholm
With: Megafonen, Unga Klara, En Kärlek Botkyrka
Using stage art, the project aims to tell the story of Orten (the Place), of the hate and love within it, and explore the place as a physical location, as a social space and as an identity. The project will use the stage and theatrical expression to encourage meetings and, through these, work imaginatively with everyone involved in creating the final performance. The aim is to reach a point where the residents take ownership of the place where they live.

Rinkeby kulturarena [Rinkeby culture arena]
Where: Rinkeby, Stockholm
With: Rinkeby Folkets hus, Förenade förorter, Rinkeby framtidskommitté
It is not without reason that Rinkeby has long been regarded as the capital of the suburbs since Rinkeby's aesthetics and creative local language have influenced both Swedish hip hop and language development in and outside Stockholm's suburbs. The cultural arena will therefore create a space where young creators can be strengthened and existing creators can be challenged to make culture accessible to more people.

Where: Gottsunda, Uppsala
With: ABF i Uppsala län, Konstfrämjandet, Konstföreningen Shoutout!, Mötesplats Treklangen
SyskonSKAP wants to improve young people’s knowledge of the arts and the world of arts, and, through study visits, workshops, exhibitions and vernissage, to capture and strengthen the creative abilities of young people.

Släpp loss kulturen [Release the culture]
Where: Kroksbäck och Holma, Malmö
With: Flamman Ungdomarnas Hus, Malmö stadsteater, Malecon Music, MKB Fastigheter
”Släpp loss kulturen” is aimed at establishing a platform for creating and promoting culture which represents the residents with their own stories as the focal point. The project will release the culture and creativity within the local residents, improve their self-confidence and participation, and encourage them to have the courage and desire to take their place on the cultural stage.

Stick ut! [Stand out!]
Where: Herrgården, Malmö
With: Drömmarnas hus, Victoria Park, ABF Malmö, Tjejer i förening
The project wants to give residents the opportunity to stand out and show themselves in a new light. The area has many locations which can be turned into creative “living rooms”, including parks, multi-arenas, gyms and citizens offices, where unexpected meetings can happen. This will give the residents an arena for practicing, experiencing and talking about culture.

The Culture House
Where: Salsta, Flen
With: Flens VärldsOrkester, ABF Flen, Kulturskolan i Flens kommun, Flens språkvänner och flyktingguide
The aim of the project is to help to create a vibrant residential area where people are actively involved in the community through different cultural activities, such as music, dance, images and design. The Culture House wants to attract and bring together people of all ages, with different national backgrounds and functions.

Ålidhem Äger [Ålidhem Rules]
Where: Ålidhem, Umeå
With: Studiefrämjandet Västerbotten, Vän i Umeå, Västerbottens hemslöjdsförening, Sverok
Ålidhem offers a great opportunity to enjoy an innovative, creative platform which erases the borders between different cultural expressions. Unexpected partnerships contribute to a cross-fertilisation between associations, as well as individuals, and form a common context for long-term commitment and participation.

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